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Team 17 boss Martyn Brown says the developer is as frustrated as anyone about Worms' prolonged absence from Xbox Live Arcade, but he expects we'll see it very soon.

News - Team 17 boss explains Worms XBLA delay // Xbox 360 /// Eurogamer

Except the article doesn't really explain it. There's some sort of "Well it's tough to get through Xbox Live's certification process and Worms is a complex game" offered. But the thing is Worms isn't a complex game. You could make Worms with Flash if you were sufficiently inspired. And it's not like Team 17 is new to the world of TCR's for crying out loud.

I can vaguely see the point about XBLA titles are diversionary, not really something you spend hours in, but then again - is that true? I've spent entire evenings playing Poker, or Marble Blast Ultra. Heck, I've logged a lot of hours of Uno if you get right down to it. They are only quick diversions whey they are Paperboy.

Give me my Worms damnit! And then my Catan!

In other news I should get my copy of Crackdown tomorrow. If anybody wants to play some co-op let me know!

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