• Combat Imp is role playing combat tracking, reimagined for the iPad. Track hit points and initiative order in a simple and powerful interface. Add conditions with round-based countdowns and you'll never forget to apply that dazed effect, or try to remember if you already marked off a round of poison again! Keep multiple campaigns organized in Combat Imp and store encounter notes for easy reference. Combat Imp is great for d20 based games or any game with a traditional "Roll Initiative" system, but also includes support for dynamic initiatives such as the narrative titles from Fantasy Flight Games.
  • Combat Imp easily toggles between a GM View and a PC View which hides details like hit points and creatures whom the players cannot see. If you have an external monitor or an AirPlay device you can have a view for the players on the second screen while you use the GM View on your iPad. Never have players ask "who goes after me?" again!
  • Combat Imp has great stone textures suitable for high fantasy games but also supports an untextured iOS default look that goes well with futuristic games.
  • Build up your own personal library of villains and foes! Once you've set up your orc or goblin in Combat Imp you can drop any number of them in a new encounter with just a couple of taps. If some villains escape to fight another day move them into a band that can be added to any encounter just as easily.


Combat Imp requires iOS 7.1 or higher and is currently iPad-only. If you are interested in either iPhone support or an OS X version please let me know by using the contact link above!