TV Observations

Apparently now they air the Dresden Files after Battlestar Galactica - which makes much more sense to me. On the other hand BSG is 0 for 2 recently. Sunday's episode wasn't as bad as the one before that, but it wasn't good either. Hey, everyone gather 'round it's time for another episode of Maudlin Galactica! Ugh. The entire airlock plot was stupid and the whole thing felt like the writers were beating the audience with emotional 2 x 4's. "Cry Damnit! Cry! WHY WON'T YOU CRY?"

An unintended side effect of the move to Sunday nights is that it airs the night before Heroes, so it's much more likely that I might watch them both on the same night. This is not a comparison that makes BSG look good. Heroes has complex stories, solid characters, and a seasonal story arc that makes sense - all things that I thought made BSG stand out in its first season. But nowadays? BSG continues to become more Star Trek:TNG like with each passing episode. Seriously, if you missed the last two weeks episodes of BSG, what would you miss? Not a frakin' thing, that's what.

Heroes though . . . nobody can tell me they saw the end of that episode coming. Good, good stuff.

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