So I've had Crackdown for a couple of days now. It might be short but MAN I really enjoy this game. Easily the most addictive game I've played in a while. I was showing Karin some of the things in the game and started doing the "Let me just do X and then I'll quit" thing. But then I got a new weapon and I needed to get back to a agency safehouse, but there weren't any close by that I had reclaimed, so I had to go reclaim one first . . . and so on. I find I'm doing that a lot - I say to myself "OK, let me just do this and hey - wait is that an Agility Orb over there?" and the next thing I know it's 2 AM, and I've just spent the last half hour racing up the side of a ridiculously tall tower, jumping from windowsill to windowsill.

The secret truth of Crackdown is that it's that most unpublishable of games - a superhero RPG. Admittedly you have no real character customization, but a superhero you definitely are. Last night I was cruising around in my spiffy Agency sportscar and I saw a race marker on a road that was nearby, but down a short drop from the road I was on, and then over a wall. No problem! I got out of my car, picked it UP, jumped over the wall and down to the start point. Dropped the car, hopped in and did the race. That's just effin' cool. Really recommend this game - AND it has open-ended co-op play!

I also picked up Supreme Commander, but I haven't had much time for it what with all the Crackdown-ing. It seems pretty good, and I'm very entertained with the dual-monitor support (each screen has a completely separate viewport that zoom from "whole world" down to individual units. So you can watch a map at good scale on one battle while playing on the other screen, or watch two battles simultaneously). I'm suspicious the AI cheats - I had a game where I owned ALL of the matter deposits and the AI was cranking out units way too damn fast for that sort of situation. It's possible they were using Matter Generators (which turn power (the other resource) in the game into matter) but I don't think so - they also had shield generators that use an immense amount of power.

And when did PC games take another bump up in resources? It requires *8 gig* of hard drive support. At least it came on a DVD - it's about time we stopped getting a stack of CD's for every game.

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