Dresden Files

Karin and I watched the second episode of Sci-Fi's The Dresden Files last night. Much as I wanted to like it (I've heard good things about the books and I'd like to encourage Sci-Fi buying book properties and turning them into shows), I don't. The writing is just . . . flat I guess. It's not MST3K bad, but it's not good either. Karin objected to not having more backstory by the end of episode 2, and I'm not sure I agree (I'd contend episode one had too much backstory). But there's definitely something wrong with the show at this point, and I agree that it's mainly about not caring for any of the characters yet. Two hours in if somebody isn't sympathetic something's gone wrong.

I don't hate the show exactly, but I did cancel the season pass on the TiVo. (shrug)

And can somebody explain to me why putting it before Battlestar Galatica made sense? I kept seeing discussion about how Sci-Fi was trying to get a third night of solid programming (arguments about the "solidity" of Saturday aside), and they were using BSG to launch Dresden. I understand the idea of leading with a popular show and hoping people stay tuned and watch the following show, but I don't see how that turns on its head. "Hey I want to watch BSG in an hour and I'm so effin' bored I'll just watch whatever is on before it?" Wow, that sounds like a desirable demographic. Talk about settling!

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