Backslidin' Away

For some reason I was totally immune to all the hype leading up to the release of The Burning Crusade, but shortly after it came out I starting wanting to play again. And was ultimately weak.

So far I'm enjoying it. I rolled up a blood elf hunter, and the new content is nice. I also rolled another tauren shaman - I decided I think that was my favorite combo. It's interesting to see the game a year after I had quit playing, seeing all the stuff they added or tweaked. There's an auctioneer in every city now, a lot of things that required quasi-wonky addons now are built into the UI, stuff like that. It was particularly interesting playing the early tauren content - either they tweaked the difficulty curves or I'm better at playing the game than I was then. Maybe even both, but there were a few quests that I specifically remember being very difficult to solo the first time through I and sailed through them this time.

I just hit 12 with the shammy and the quests are heading into "Go to the Barrens", and all WoW players will understand my stating that this is the dread part of the game. I hate the Barrens. Once I was trying to convince Josh to play and told him I'd roll a new character and play with him, but we'd have to play Alliance, because I couldn't face the Barrens again. My current plan is actually to run through the Barrens, hit Ogrimmar and basically hook up all the major Horde cities, and then run from the UnderCity up to the new Blood Elf content and do my leveling through 20 in the new Ghostlands. I was saddened to realize that the Shaman's level 10 vision quest (for the fire totem - gotta have FIRE FIRE! TP FOR MY BUNGHOLE!) is partially in the Barrens (sigh). If I recall correctly though he just sends you into Durotar for the real quest.

We'll see how long I last again . . . .

On a separate topic this is sort of a crappy picture. I took two with the flash and two without. The ones without flash aren't as focused (long exposure plus shaky hands), but the flash leaves a huge hot spot on the disc sleeves. I tweaked up the sharpness a bit to lose some of the blur and decided I'd rather have the additional picture detail than the focus. This is a common problem with my camera - the flash blows anything vaguely glossy away, but it wants to use the flash unless I have DIRECT sunlight of a type hard to come by in the winter. Anyone know of a clever trick to mitigate this problem?

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