Flash Fiction

With the aid of an anonymous donor, Escape Pod is presenting a contest for the best SF story of 300 words or less. There are no restrictions on theme, plot, or structure. The goal is simply to present a strong idea-based story in the minimum space possible.

Escape Pod » 300 Word Flash Contest!

I should have mentioned this earlier, but I only got around to checking it out recently myself. Escape Pod is running a contest to get some great short "flash fiction". The contest itself closed for entried at the end of January and the first few groups of voting have closed, but there's still a lot of fiction to come, and you can always read the stories that have already been through voting. 300 words is an interesting challenge, and there's some good stuff in here. I have two pieces in but I submitted them at the end so it will be a while before they post. And no, I'm not saying which ones they are. :-) Anyway, check them out here.

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