Podcasts! Have you tried listening to the Penny Arcade podcast yet? They are recording a half an hour or so of them working on a strip, once a week and it's both entertaining and enlightening. It's interesting to hear their creative process and and listening to them rip on each other as they come up with a strip is good fun. I though it might be interesting for an episode or two but I've been surprised by how often I laugh at offhand comments they make. Highly recommended for a listen.

Snack Foods! I have a new favorite - Snyder's of Hanover's Buffalo Wings Pretzel Bits. Pretzel-y goodness with authentic hot wing sauce flavor. Yummy.

So Xbox 360 Gamertags. I stuck one on the right sidebar over there. Cool? Goofy? Thumbs-up? Thumbs-down? What do people think?