The Elder Scrolls:Timesink

So as the GamerTag shows, I have a copy of Oblivion now (rented from Gamefly). I'm just barely getting into it, but I've already sunk several hours in, and I can see how I'm just scratching the surface. I don't know where the Odiils are, but not only did I break into their farmhouse and steall all their beer and brandy, I went into their fields and picked all their tomatos, lettuce, blackberries, and watermelons. Of course, then I was over-encumbered and couldn't move so I left them a nice Rusty Iron Warhammer I found in some dungeon. And those freaking watermelons weighed 5 pounds each so I brewed them right into potions while standing in the field. I'll be curious to see how it holds up. As I recall the thing that finally wore me down in Morrowind was all the jogging to and from various places. But Oblivion has the handy-dandy travel map where you can insta-warp from city to city. This could pose a problem.

As for the Gamertag itself, I did it mainly for the hell of it, and then realized if you click it you have to log into Passport. Mind control lasers disclaimer and all that. Passport is fairly evil in my opinion, but there you go. But even if you don't click it does serve one interesting function - it shows you the last five games I've played on my 360. I don't have a sidebar with what I'm watching, reading, listening to, etc. because I know I'd never keep it up to date. But this now provides a zero-maintenance way to show what I'm playing. That's pretty cool.