Grab Bag

So is everyone but me aware of this SOMA radio thing? Wil Wheaton mentioned it today on his blog and I'm chilling with the "Secret Agent" feed right now and it is quite awesome. (Tip for the iTunes users - the first link (48k aacPlus) works great. Open the file in iTunes and it loads right up.)

Hey, what's this fiction thingie doing down below? People should totally go read it. Not being hip to the exploits of Captain Arcolier makes the baby Chuji cry! Come back next Tuesday to see the totally hip nautical usage of the word "belay"!

My 360 has been a bit crashy-crashy which is quite worrisome. I thought it might be heat, but as far as I can tell the thing never gets that hot (and the power brick is never even slightly warm.) I'm theorizing it was having some power brownout issues and moved it's plug straight into the line conditioner. We'll see. Theory B is probably bad hardware which would again make the baby Chuji cry.

I've decided what the 360 needs is more FPS's! Oh yeah. At the moment I have Ghost Recon Advanced Warrior (aka GRAW), Perfect Dark Zero (bought really for coop play), and Call of Duty 2 (rented from Gamefly at the moment). The most annoying thing is control differences. PDZ and GRAW both have crouch on left stick click, and CoD2 has it on B. Flipping between three different FPS's hurts my muscle memory.

Really though, read yesterday's entry. Stop me before I pimp again! You might be thinking "He wouldn't really do that, has he no shame?". Say that again to yourself slowly and picture me in your head. Yeah that's right. You're scared now!