Wordpress Update and User Policy

I just updated to the latest and greatest WordPress so give me a shoutout if you see anything weird or odd on the blog (Please, no cracks about the content itself, thank-you-very-much).

This particular update was triggered by a recent uptick in new account registration, most of which look somewhat spammy in nature (and in particular one that was trying to look like an Admin account.) So I'm going to clarify my position on new users. Registration is open and it is quite likely that your first comment will be held for moderation. I get an email if a comment is held so I'll usually get to it in less than a day. But if you make an account and then don't make any comments I'll probably delete the account in a day or so. There's no reason to want an account if you aren't posting comments.

My guess is that this accounts are looking for older unpatched WordPress installs and once the spambot involved finds an up-to-date version it just moves on. But if you want an account, try not to look like a spambot :-)