1999 called. It wants its backup media back

I've used H&R Block's TaxCut software ever since the year TurboTax had the ridiculous DRM software in it. (I believe they dropped that a year or two later but I had already made the switch over and saw no reason to switch back.)

I just bought the 2009 software for the Mac, deleted the stupid "Extended Download Service" from the package and began the download. I noticed this gem in the instructions:
If your order contains downloadable software please save a backup copy to a ZIP drive, Floppy disks, etc., of the file(s) that you downloaded in case you have computer or hard disk problems.

I'm not sure if there ever was a OS X Mac that could use a floppy disk and I'm quite certain that I threw away all of my Zip drives years ago. (I think I kept the Jaz drive for a year or two longer.)