Wait, Where Were We Again?

Blog posts! We should have some blog posts! I hear the desperate wheeze of the iron lung that is keeping this sucker running, so maybe I should make some content!

I think there's been so much recently that I may need to declare "blog bankruptcy". You know when you read those stories about people just throwing away all their unread email and sending out a big "Sorry, please try again" email to the people they care about? I feel that way about blog topics.

Did I ever discuss redoing my desk layout? I don't think I did. I got rid of the two dead soldier tower computers sitting under my desk and much more importantly got all of the cables off the floor. I mounted a pair of powerstrips under the desk and cable tied all of the wires along the frame of the desk itself. Now the only computer items that touch the floor are the Mac Pro itself and the UPS (oh, and the subwoofer for the speakers). It looks a lot better and I think the improved airflow means the computer is running better. It also means there's no rat's nest of cables that can't be cleaned and thus attracts big tumbleweeds of cat hair. I installed a keyboard drawer so I can have almost the entire expanse of desk free for materials, and I got a laptop stand so my laptop screen can sit up at the height of my monitors. Lastly I ran a LED "light rope" along the underside of my windowsill so at night I can have a bias light behind the monitors for reduced eyestrain.

Did I just start off by saying "here's a topic I'm not going to blog about" and then blog it? I think I may have.

Well, since we're here, if you're a Mac user and you have both a laptop and desktop machine you may want to look into a piece of software called Teleport. What it does is it lets you move your mouse to the edge of a screen and then onto another computer. While your mouse is away the keyboard controls goes with it. So I have my laptop on the stand to the left of my monitors and I can just sweep the mouse across all three displays. I can now use the laptop to VPN into another machine, or run tail -f commands or whatever, while I use the main screens for work. It's pretty slick. I also tend to leave email running on my laptop which means I can look at mails on that screen while I'm looking at code maximized on my main displays.