A Second Zany Week!

Life continues to be a bit hectic, so blog posts continue to be sparse. A lot has happened lately and I suppose I could blather on quite a bit about WWDC or MaxFunCon, and i got a iPhone 3GS yesterday so that could merit some discussion. (I've been running the 3.0 software for about a week and a half now - I installed the GM partway through WWDC.) But instead I'll talk about something else altogether different!

Unheralded by me after all my ranting and complaining we really did shut off analog NTSC broadcasts on June 12th. I wasn't even in town when it happened. So far so good, but then something not-so-good happened. ABC (KGO-7 out of San Francisco) for some crazy reason decided to move their digital off whatever good UHF frequency they had back to VHF 7. Which can't quite reach my rooftop antenna. And SHAZAM! ABC disappeared from our digital lineup. The last episode of Pushing Daisies was unwatchable.

Now in all fairness my antenna is supposed to be UHF-only, although it pulls in some VHF frequencies. NBC 11 from San Jose broadcasts in VHF, but they are so close they come in anyway, even though the antenna is directional and pointed away from them. But I had forgotten that KGO was going to do this so I was caught off guard when they disappeared. Now I could no doubt buy a VHF antenna, get somebody to go up there and put the antenna on the mast and splice the two signals and so forth. End result though is that I'd probably be paying several hundred dollars in order go get a single channel. It just doesn't make economic sense, even if I do have to buy the last season of Lost from iTunes. (That's what I did for the last episode of Pushing Daisies.)

There's some talk about KGO being on their "Auxilliary Antenna" for another month and then something ELSE going on until October. As I understand it Sutro Tower (where all the SF stations broadcast from) is a crazy hodgepodge of temporary stuff while they were broadcasting both analog and digital and I think now they are taking all of the analog "hacks" down. We almost get KGO now, so if the main antenna does something better then maybe it will work once the maintenance finishes. Still I thought it was humorous that the HD reception got worse as soon as they shut down analog broadcasting. How did that help again?