A Slight Snag

Here I go with more about backups again! I recently posted about using JungleDisk to backup my documents to Amazon's S3 storage. When I posted that I had still been running the original big old backup to the cloud, plus an annoying update where I moved around a few gigabytes of stuff and so my system hadn't been sleeping for a week or so. I assumed that was because it was grinding away at the backup. Since then I've discovered that TinyGod won't sleep automatically when JungleDisk is running. I can put it to sleep manually (with the sleep option on the System menu) but that's not what I want. I have a support ticket open with the JungleDisk people, we'll see what happens. In all fairness the current version of the JungleDisk software is listed as beta, so maybe this problem will go away soon.

In the meantime, after I reboot TinyGod I run this command to unload JungleDisk:

sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.jungledisk.service.plist

Obviously the usual caveats apply. If you don't know what that means, probably don't run it. If you're not comfortable mucking around at the command line, don't run this. It may not fix the problem. Etc.

If you followed my Twitter feed on Friday you know it was a little more complex than this. There are two other issues that complicated my diagnosis. First off is that running this shutdown doesn't seem to always fix the sleep issue. I think the problem is that if I run the JungleDisk Monitor application then sleep is just screwed up until I reboot, even if I later unload the daemon.

The second thing is that I had installed an application called FuzzyClock while the big backup was running. FuzzyClock also prevents sleep. I was somewhat amused by getting the "fuzzy times" in my menu bar, but not enough to put up with this side effect so FuzzyClock got the boot. I probably would have normally noticed the sleep-blocking the first day I ran the application, but it snuck under the radar while the big backup ran.

At any rate, if you care about having a system sleep automatically when idle I'd recommend staying away from FuzzyClock and JungleDisk at the moment. Personally I'm willing to manually shut-down JungleDisk like this and make it a process I run every week or so as opposed to having no offsite backup, but your mileage could certainly vary.