Just in case you thought the TV studios/networks were accidentally "getting it"

I haven't written about it but I've been running Boxee on my Mac Mini for a while now. It's pretty sweet. To give one real world example, during the month of December Heroes seemed to consistently run long or late and the TiVo didn't know it so we had like three episodes cut off the last minute or two. No problem, I'd fire up Boxee and we'd stream the show off Hulu. We'd have to watch an ad or two and it wasn't HD, but we'd get the important final line of dialog and be on about our business. Note the most important thing there: we'd end up watching an ad or two.

Well, Boxee has been asked to pull the Hulu support. Hulu says they are asking this because the content providers made them. Which is ridiculous. Let's get this straight. Watching the show, plus unskippable ads in a web browser is OK, but watching the exact same content in a program designed to work with a remote control isn't? Why is that again?

They do realize that I can get the same show, minus the ads, via Bittorrent right? And feed that into Boxee (or Front Row or whatever)? Whatever these content folks smoke, I gotta get me some of that ....

(Word on the street is that putting "rss://thejakemarsh.com/boxee/" in a feed for Boxee patch it up, but the feed is getting hammered right now.)

A big tip 'o the hat to Veronica Belmont for reporting both the problem and the possible fix.