WTF DirecTV?

I just got this email from DirecTV:


In our effort to improve and expand our service, we experienced a temporary technical glitch. If your HD DVR or DVR receiver is not responding to your remote control or front panel commands, you can resolve this issue by pressing the red "Reset" button located inside the small door on the front right corner of your receiver. Please allow about 15 minutes for your receiver to complete the resetting process. Once completed, your picture will return automatically. Unfortunately, any show you may have scheduled to record yesterday will not be available on your DVR.

Nice. So they did "something" and that screwed up the machine to the point where it needs what amounts to a power cycle. And oh it probably ate last night's recordings.

Some readers (you know who you are (cough)) mentioned to me previously that they thought the window for being excited by a new TiVo HD receiver had passed. I've never gotten an email like this for the HR10-250, I'll tell you that right now :-)