One more thing!

I wrote the Guitar Hero II post and completely forgot to mention one point of possible interest. I bought a copy of Neverwinter Nights 2 as well, and when I was checking out the clerk said because I bought over $100 of games I got a free $10 gift card. I have no idea how long this promotion runs, or if it's regional, or just the local store (on Almaden expressway if you're local), or anything. It may have been advertised but I didn't see anything about it. I almost told her no, assuming she was offering "free" magazines, or a Best Buy card or whatever and processed the words "free gift card" in just enough time to not sound stupid.

So if you were going to buy GHII, you might want to look for another game you've been meaning to buy, or buy a memory card or something. But check for the rules first. :-)

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