Rock! - Now with Achievements

So as the GamerTag on the right can show - I picked up Guitar Hero II for the 360 this week. I was in Best Buy on Tuesday on unrelated errands and was surprised to see they had a bunch of copies (I would have expected it on Wednesday or even Thursday). I grabbed a copy naturally, I had used Willpower Of Steel(tm) to not buy GHII for the PS2 in November (and even then I cheated and rented it from Gamefly for a week or so). So far it seems about what I expected, I'm not used to the new guitar yet, but still. Guitar Hero! With achievements! And downloadable tunes!

This is mostly overshadowed by the fact that Harmonix announced Rock Band - almost as if they wanted to steal thunder from the no-longer-their-baby older child. (I don't think that's what happened really - I think somebody wanted to try to utilize the publicity that would go with the 360 release.) But still, I'm psyched. I played it briefly Tuesday before some scheduled tango hunting in Vegas (We RULE the Calypso casino you foolish Tangos!) - only got in a couple of songs. Alan asked me how the graphics looked and I have to admit I had no idea - I'd been so busy playing I hadn't even looked at the backgrounds. I have an impression of better lighting but I still haven't payed it much attention.

In other 360 news I forgot to mention that I maxed the achievements on my first 360 game last weekend - I got 200 points in Worms. It's surprising how difficult it is to get every achievement in a game. Worms gets a positive nod for not having any achievement that involve ranked play (ie play with random people - sure to bring out John Gabriel's greatest theoretical achievement) and not having any silly achievements that involve scouring every inch of a city looking for orbs, or bags of drugs, or cute little tiki idols or whatever. Almost ALL of the Worms achievements are reached by simply playing a lot. The only one that was really tricky was the single player challenges - a couple of them were a major pain. For some reason the one that gave me the most trouble was 13 (of 20) - after that they all seemed to get easier.

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