Indier Than Thou

I really managed to outdo myself with yesterday's entertainment slate. Karin I headed out in the afternoon and drove up to Alameda we checked Forbidden Island's one year celebration. We hung out there about an hour and a half, had a couple of tiki cocktails (well - I did anyway) and some Crab Rangoons. After that we headed over the Bay Bridge to Cafe Du Nord where we caught the Secrets from the Future tour - featuring Optimus Rhyme, MC Lars, and MC Frontalot and K.Flay opened.

Cafe du Nord actually has a teeny tiny restaurant, and it's possible to reserve a 2 person table, which we did, so we had dinner there during the show, and had seats which our too-old-to-be-out-on-Sunday bones appreciated. The only real fly in the ointment was that we parked in a garage that closed at midnight, and the show started really late, even by show standards. The consequence was that we only saw half or so of the Frontalot set which I regret but we couldn't stay later anyway. Today is a school day and Karin wouldn't have been able to take the day off so we needed to leave and get the teacher home, regardless of the parking garage.

It's a nice venue, the food wasn't epic but it was decent and it's a nice little layout. I'd recommend the place, but if you're not into moshing go ahead and get the dinner reservation.

As for the show - I didn't know anything about K.Flay (she wasn't even listed on the bill when I bought the tickets) but her songs were enjoyable. Optimus Rhyme did a solid set, but when MC Lars got up there the crowd pretty much went nuts. By the time Frontalot came out the place was jumping and Front didn't disappoint (well except for the part where I had to leave before he was done. But that's not really his fault).

On a very tangential note I don't know that I'll ever get used to the Bay's geography. From my suburban perch just south of San Jose I see Oakland and San Francisco as VERY different places. One is northwest, the other is northeast. I almost didn't research the Forbidden Island leg - since I knew we had dinner plans in SF. But the bar was only 15 miles from the club - so it was a easy jaunt. It's just weird - the two cities are so different, and and some ways are very far apart, but if you get the right pathing then you can scoot right across between them.

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