Treo Upgrade

My three-year old Treo 600 has been increasingly wonky - it's started to drop calls and lately about 90% of the time when somebody calls me it doesn't actually ring - until it says "You missed a call" - for some reason that ring always happens.

So I reupped with Sprint and got a Treo 700p. Bluetooth, EVDO speeds, and generally better stuff. I tried to take pictures to show the difference in the built in camera:

Damn if the 600 didn't take the best picture I've ever seen. I mean - it's not as good as the 700, but it's not embarrassing and there are hardly any blue pixels. So I took another set with a different mirror, at night:

There we go! That looks like a Treo 600 pic!

I like the 700 so far. And maybe in three years when it dies then Apple will have a phone that A) isn't exclusive to Cingular and B) doesn't cost $600.

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