Worst Birthday Present Ever.

So Friday we went to trim the cat's nails and Heisenberg had one that seemed swollen and had some dirt matted into his fur. He wasn't very happy to let us mess with this claw, and we cleaned it a bit and let him go. Over the weekend we checked it both days and it continued to be swollen, and the claw itself seemed like it might be discolored. He's broken a claw before - badly enough that it had to be removed so this didn't seem impossible. So Monday morning I had to call the vet and schedule him an appoinment. And both of our cats utterly transform in hissing, spitting balls of fury when they go to the vet, so they have to get sedated. So I got to drive on the freeways in rush hour traffic (to drop him off) and then had to leave him all day. Karin brought him home, but he was still all dopey - his hind legs didn't even work when he first came home, and it was several hours before he could walk even vaguely straight. So we ended up rescheduling dinner at Forbes Mill for Tuesday so we could keep an eye on him (and make sure Schrödinger didn't beat on him while he was defenseless and smelled like the vet).

In the end he's fine though - it's apparently just a minor infection. He's got some antibiotics and a pain pill he gets twice a day, and he looks a tiny bit undignified with two toes shaved. But he bounced back and was fine by Tuesday morning.

Still would have rather he just didn't observe my birthday at all though . . . .


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