Video Bits

Couple of video bits to call out. First on the humor front: Writers of Lost

I still think Lost isn't doomed, but this is funny anyway. (I saw it from Violent Acres.)

Second, I was excited to see Merlin Mann (from 43 Folders, or the Phone Guy videos) launch his video podcast: The Merlin Show. But then I was a little surprised to see the first real episode show up as fifteen minutes. Yikes! I was expecting Ze Frank, not Adult Swim lengths. So I let it pile up last week - I was continually rebooting TinyGod into XP so even if I wanted a break I couldn't easily get at the videos on the Mac side of the fence. But I finally got around to watching that episode (an interview with Jonathan Coulton - download it here), and really enjoyed it. It's a good 15 minutes, but I need to figure out a good "automatic download from iTunes and stream to the 360 solution". TVersity I'm sure but I want an automatic feed that just makes it happen.

Anyway, lots of good stuff in that episode about the creativity vs. deadline dichotomy and how Thing a Week affected that.

(And while I'm talking about Jonathan Coulton - if you haven't seen Spiffworld's music videos (using World of Warcraft) check 'em out. Either Code Monkey or Skullcrusher Mountain would be my suggestions.

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