One Man Star Wars Trilogy

Last night Karin and I went to San Francisco to see One Man Star Wars Trilogy. I was pretty sure I would enjoy it of course, and I thought Karin would but that's a dicier proposition. I'm happy to report that it is very funny and she enjoyed it throughly. It's surprisingly faithful to the movies (he didn't actually do Greedo so I can't say who shot first), but has enough sly digs at all the cheesiness to carry it. And when he gets up to Kenobi's "What I told you was true, from a certain point of view." he elaborates on it with information from Revenge of the Sith - "I cut off his arm. And his legs. And then he fell into a river of lava. So what I told you was true, from a certain point of view."

Charles Ross is a very talented actor and mime - he can really carry Chewbacca's vocalizations and Yoda's motions well. His AT-AT and AT-ST were impressive - those are images that are graven on my brain and his evocation was as note-perfect as I can imagine a human body can get (including the ridiculous Ewok fights from Jedi.) Jabba pretty much brought the house down - he had to pause for a moment because of laughter - although I personally thought his Nien Nunb was funnier but you have to be a geek to even know who that is (he's the goofy guy with the huge jowls and ears who copiloted the Falcon during the battle at the end of Jedi).

The show is in San Francisco for another couple of weeks, and if you can get there I recommend it. It's right off of Union Square - you can park there in the underground garage, get some dinner, and see the show for a very nice evening out.

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