Good Job Amazon!

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I'm used to Amazon's recommendations being really bad, but this seemed ridiculous. For one, I already own this cat water fountain (which I bought through Amazon), and I've bought filters for it in the past through Amazon. What, does Amazon reckon each cat needs their own? For two, what's up with it being a "Recommendation in Music"? It makes splashing sounds, but it's pretty damn minimal for "music".
Amazon is never going to get itself straight until it groks that sometimes I buy things for other people. That's why the Electric Company thing is on there - Karin wanted some Electric Company DVD's a while back (rainy day indoor recess fodder). The last few times I've logged into Amazon it's been pretty convinced that I either want a Perl book or Electric Company DVD's. Maybe some Muppets? How about JavaScript? C'mon Mr. Bipolar guy! Buy something. Feed a brain half - we don't care which one.
Most of my purchases are for me so they ought to be able to identify the core gameplayer/geek/programmer and throw out the odd thing that doesn't jibe. What's even worse is that I bought the DVD's from Karin's Wish List. You'd think that would be a hint that it's not for me.

And yes, I'm aware that I could fine-tune what Amazon "remembers" about my purchases. I'm not sure why I would spend the time to help them market to me. Besides, I get more amusement from watching their algorithms try to keep up. "Wait. Does he or does he not like children's music? I just don't get it!"

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