XBLA is a tease

Following last week's release of Root Beer Tapper on Xbox Live Marketplace, Microsoft is releasing another arcade classic revolving around an unsung profession this Wednesday--Paperboy.

Paperboy gets tossed this week - Xbox 360 News at GameSpot

Look, Paperboy is a fine game, and I've got nothing against Root Beer Tapper. But this current batch of XBLA games has Worms in it. Real honest to god 2D worms with online multiplayer and all the Xbox Live frippery (voice chat, custom soundtracks).

I had to drive all over Virginia back in the day to get a copy of Worms for the original Playstation (Sony almost didn't approve the game for US release because they were pushing 3d so hard at the time.) The MAMBA Kings played the crap out of that for many months - I still have both the game AND the high score table and everyone's custom team on a memory card.

So I'm begging the Live folks - while I love me some old-school arcade action on the 360 put a hold on it for one week at get Worms out the door. Well actually two weeks - Settlers of Catan is also on the short list for release and I want that as well. Then you can go back to the old arcade things that I already have on MAME and/or a Playstation One compilation disc.

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