Mmmm, beer

Right thinking individuals know that one of the great things about Santa Cruz is 99 beers - where the have Young's Double Chocolate Stout on draft. But it's not always convenient to get to Santa Cruz and when you go somebody has to drive back over the hill. At the last Game Day Brian.NET brought a revelation - Young's Double Chocolate Stout is available in 4 packs of tall cans that come with the nitro widget for a creamy, stable head. (URMKHOG) And they actually carry this in the local Beverages & More!

I was surprised to realize that BevMo had it and it took a minute to figure out why I didn't know this before. I don't usually shop in the "Import Beer" aisle there for a couple of reasons. One is that it's the same aisle as the cold 12-packs of Bud Light and in a cursory glance it looks like it can be skipped. The other one is that the German section tends to be a bit . . . dusty. So I usually only shop the "Craft Beer" aisle which is where they keep the microbrews - the Deschutes, the Fat Tire, Blue Moon and so forth. But the British section seems to have several of these cans+nitro distributions. Good to know.

It's a little pricey - a four pack costs more than the other six packs I was grabbing (and if you like IPA's they have the Deschutes seasonal IPA (Inversion) on sale! Mmmmmm.) But it's a lot more convenient than driving to Santa Cruz!

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