EDIT 09//27/06: I accidentally omitted the link to see the Weird Al videos, it's there now.

Link-a-licious time!

Humor Item: Most time the Daily WTF is fairly programmer-centric. I think almost anybody can enjoy this collection of message boxes.

Pimping the music item: Weird Al's new album Straight Outta Lynwood releases next week - and it's a DualDisc with music videos on the DVD side. Sweet! You can see some of the videos here - I recommend "White & Nerdy" myself.

Pimping the book item: Time Spiral - the first book in this block's trilogy is out. If you really want to read my book next year you'll need to read this one first. Speaking of which Amazon has mine listed - although it should list Scott and I as co-authors. I assume that will get fixed as we get closer to release day.

I can also point out now that this story is not entirely independent of previous stories. (When people asked before that was a super-secret covered-by-NDA detail. But since book one is now out, that's no longer a secret tidbit.) While we did our best to make sure new readers would enjoy the story it does build on previous novels. If you're not current on the Magic storyline you may want to read this recap.

Random link I saved away and then didn't post: A really cool machinima with a thousand cars racing on a custom track. It pretty much uses cars to simulate fluid dynamics - but it's way cooler than that sounds. I saw this first on Wonderland - which is a great gaming blog.

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