Great Buckets of Shame

So here we are - only a few days left before the country flushes the right of habeas corpus away in the name of grandstanding political theater. And lest someone say that it only changes against non-citizens that's not true - Americans can be declared "enemy combatants" as well. And once the new law passes they can't challenge that see, because they would require habeas corpus. As long as the President (any President mind you - not just good ol' Georgie) never makes a mistake, there's no problem, right?

This will live in infamy for a long time - it's a dirty, dirty thing we've done for stupid partisan reasons. And for all the jokes about California politics that I've made over the years - I'm glad to live in a state where my elected representatives voted against torture and suspending the Constitution. Do you? Here's the vote roll calls - House and Senate. If somebody on your ballot voted for this, make darn sure you know what they voted for, and what exactly it is they've made you complicit in. And remember how you feel next time their elections roll around.

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