Kingdom Hearts II - the final verdict

(This is a follow-up to my first Kingdom Hearts II post.)

I finished KHII this morning so I thought I'd retouch the discussion. Did I finish Jiminy's Journal? No I did not. There was a bunch of annoying mini-games that I needed to go back and redo. I probably would have done that, but along the way I ran into Sephiroth. Here's the thing - Sephiroth hit me once and I dropped to one hit point. I tried it a few times and finally went and went to see what GameFAQS had to say. There's a whole FAQ for Sephiroth, and it talks about how you should probably be level 99 and compares how difficult he is at level 75 to level 99.

My save at the final save point I'm level 52. So in order to beat Sephiroth I need to just fight random encounters for somewhere between 30 - 50 levels. Screw it. So I'll give you the sane person's method for finishing KHII.

  1. Play the game through to the last save.

  2. Fight the final boss and see the ending, minus the "secret ending"

  3. Close your eyes and imagine that you spend 40 hours or so grinding out miserable random fights in service to the crazy Square bastards.

  4. Go to YouTube and search for "Kingdom Hearts II ending". Watch the secret ending - which doesn't even really make sense anyway.

  5. Play two or three decent games in the 40 hours of button-mashing I just saved you.

Don't get me wrong, I like the game overall. But Square has this odd desire to force you to battle endlessly in their games. At least in KHII it's optional - as opposed to say Final Fantasy VII.

Anyway, back to Gamefly it goes. Hopefully I'll get Dead Rising as a replacment.

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