Pirates! On the Cheap

(Kudos to Tony for finding this)

If you're somebody who wanted to play Sid Meier's Pirates but were unwilling to shell out the $50 to buy a new copy . . . well for the most part you're a goddamn cheapskate and you'd better not work in the industry or I'll mock the shit out of you. If you can't be bothered to buy the good stuff then I don't want to hear the complaints when you're stuck working on Movie-Tie-In 3 or Sequel-To-Random-Sucess-In-The-Past 17, or Derivative-Just-Like-Last-Year's-Surprise-Hit-But-Rushed-Crapfest. But in my case I had bought the PC version, so buying the Xbox version a few months later seemed a bit steep.

Amazon now has the Xbox SKU for $12. I don't know why, don't know how long the price will last, etc. etc. But if you want a copy of Pirates for crazy-cheap click the link. If you're into the PC thang, it's $20 - but that's still a great buy. Check it here.

I've only played a bit of the Xbox version, but it seems to be almost identical. Load times are more noticeable, but that's to be expected. The only substantial difference I've seen so far is that they seem to have cut out the "explore on land" game. When you hit land it just tells you "you searched for days" and either gives you the treasure (if you were close enough I guess) or tells you that you found nothing.

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