It's been two weeks since my last post. Shameful.

The funny thing is that there's a weird point where I have too much to talk about. When that happens I basically freeze up and post nothing. This is one of those times. So I'm posting a quick and dirty post - just to break the logjam.

I just watched the latest episode of The Show with Zefrank, and the ad at the end was a perfect storm of bloggable points. See, The Show always ends with a static ad image. On the one hand it pays the bills, and on the other hand it fetches the ad image from a remote server. This allows some accurate usage statistics - not just who downloaded it, but who watched to the end. Anyway, the last few days have been ads for Gametap. Today's ad featured Jade from Beyond Good and Evil (for old school HiddenJestering see my BGaE review here, apparently RIGHT after I converted to MovableType (going by sequence number - it's number 6!) For bonus points see Bwana carping about playing old games in the comments. Some things never change :-D)

So yeah anyway. Why is this a perfect storm of bloggable points? Well, we discussed Beyond Good and Evil on this very blog. And there was a lot of discussion about game rentals and whether it was destroying the industry - but some of it either happened in email, or on somebody else's blog - I can't find the origin point on the Snarking (neé Sniping) Post. See here, here, and me being fucking snarky here for some mainly comment-based dialog about game rentals and whether it is a true danger. I'm mostly a smart-ass about it, but there was some genuine good discussion about it, and in my opinion it holds up in review. At that second link you can actually see me reference the service that later became Gametap (or it was always Gametap and I didn't know the name then. Not sure which.) So anyhoo, it struck me when I saw a Gametap ad featuring Jade - here's the mythical other channel advertising how they have a game that should have done better than it did. Since I've contended all this time that the other channels are there and the publishers will find them as soon as they actually care (read they need the $$$), it was heartwarming to see that Gametap may actually be maturing into that channel.

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