Quicksilver + Social Bookmarks Plugin = Crazy Del.icio.us!

If menus are too antiquated for you, try something more avant-garde with cult favorite, Quicksilver (Mac only). With the “Social Bookmarks” plugin, your bookmarks and tags are just a few keystrokes away. Here’s how to set it up:

Easier access to del.icio.us bookmarks » LifeClever ;-)

This is awesome, very powerful. I find del.icio.us being called "social bookmarking" a bit misleading because I don't really give a damn about the social aspect. But taggable bookmarks are very powerful. I still wobble back and forth between Flock and Firefox as my default browser, but the primary draw to Flock is the fact that the antiquidated "Favorites" hierarchical list is replaced by del.icio.us. Got a link that is worth saving, and it is simultaneously an OS X tip, a Getting Things Done hack, and a software package? You can't file that in all three places in Firefox. But you can tag it with all three tags and store it in del.icio.us forever.

But now, it turns out you can access del.icio.us from Quicksilver. Perfection! Quicksilver is always running anyway, and that makes my del.icio.us tagged store operate just like a folder on my harddrive. Very cool. If you use a Mac, you should use Quicksilver. And if you're using del.icio.us and Quicksilver than this plugin turns them into delicious chocolate and peanut butter. Enjoy!

(If you're a Windows user the full article also has a suggested app for putting a del.icio.us menu in your system tray. Ho-hum, but better than nothing I suppose.)

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