Got a Tiger by the tail and an Akroma in my pocket

1) Played a Magic Online tournament today with the new Vanguard format. Super-fun but nobody cares (pout!). Anyway I placed 21 of 112 players - not in the top 8 so no prizes, but It was fun and my rating improved. And I'm pretty happy with top quartile :-) - especially as I knew my deck wasn't the best going in. (This is actually the first "constructed" tournament I've ever played in Online - I usually stick with the "Limited" formats where you are working with a very small pool of cards.)

2) I upgraded to Tiger on Thursday. I haven't really stressed it yet but it seems pretty good. Spotlight is cool but it took like all permutions of cmd-space for various flavors. I used Cmd-Space for Quicksilver and Alt-cmd-space for iTunes play/pause so I'm all out of sorts for my two most common key shortcuts now pop up Spotlight queries. Anybody have any particular Tiger questions they would like me to look at?

Spotlight seems to not search for phrases properly - Apple claims here that Spotlight will search for phrases such as "old school" or "Emotion Engine" just as you'd expect if you include the quotes. In fact it seems to only search filenames, not full text at that point. So if I do a Spotlight search for old school it will pull up any doc that has both words, but not necessarily as a single phrase. If I search for "old school" it correctly matchs phrases only - but only in filenames. This is annoying. I have already once used Spotlight - I knew I was looking for a particular email I sent, and I knew a unique word hit in it. Cmd-space and type the phrase, and bang - there the email was. I had a lot of this functionaly previously in Quicksilver, but QS didn't search inside my email or PDF's or the like.