Tiger Upgrade Notes - Some Details

So now that I'm close to a week with Tiger I've noticed a few more oddities. I think most are due to my install method - I chose to "Archive and Install" which basically means it didn't upgrade the OS - it saved off the old System folder and created a new one. So a list of what applications I've noticed got screwed up since then.

  • Palm Desktop - This got so screwed up I couldn't fix it. I finally just bought the Missing Sync to fix it. There are a lot of people reporting problems with the sync conduits post Tiger upgrade. If you're a Palm user you may want to be careful.

  • Real Media Player - I try to avoid Real stuff in general, but the BBC uses it to webcast - and they are aired the fourth Hithhiker's radio series currently. This reinstalled just fine.

  • Stuffit Expander - Reinstalled without a hitch. Until I reinstalled it was weird - I could run Stuffit Expander and it would just quietly close.

  • The wacky linux printer drivers I had installed for my color laser printer - While I was looking up the complicated instructions for that I found a note that said a different model driver worker for my printer. I downloaded that it and it works better that the foomatic drivers. Score!

  • Wiretap - This was a bit troubling - I can't find the free Wiretap app (just the shareware Wiretap Pro) anymore. Truthfully I've always had a couple of complaints about Wiretap so when they went pay only, I went Audio Hijack Pro Ah the links I'll go to for my Hitchhiker's fix! :-)

  • Virtual PC - reinstall seemed to fix this.

  • Windows (Samba) Networking - the workgroup got set to "Workgroup" where it should be "Home". There is a GUI to change this (Directory Access in the Utilities folder), but it locks on me when I try to change the Workgroup. It works fine on Karin's machine, but I had to use unix command line kung-fu on my system (sudo vi /etc/smb.conf if you speak command line). Some people seem to have problems with Samba post-upgrade but this is the only thing I've seen. And this was a niggle - it was still working - just made navigating the network needlessly complex.

  • Nothing too bad on the list. The Palm Desktop debacle is the only really key one. I'm not sure what the problem is there.