Republic Commando

So I Gameflyed Star Wars Republic Commando and played through the single player campaign. I enjoyed it - the squad command mechanic was pretty cool although I never quite figured out the logic when it cancelled previous commands. Another thing I thought was odd was that the story lays out things like "This guy is a slicer and this guy is a sniper, and the other guy is the heavy weapon guy". As far as I could tell it didn't make any difference - all four squad members (counting myself) could slice a given terminal in the exact same amount of time.

I was finishing it and thinking "WTF was Chuji on about? This is going to be a perfectly acceptable ending - we'll destroy this bigass ship and we're done." I'm trying to avoid spoilers, but let's just say they had a PERFECTLY nice ending and then they stuck this ending movie where they introduced two major plot twists and then ended the game. Goofiest ending I've seen in a game for a while.

If you're into Star Wars or into FPS's I'd say it's a good game to look at. And the squad thing was cool (I haven't played Band of Brothers so I can't compare them.)

I never would have personally bought it, but I enjoyed the Gamefly rental. (Muwahahaha! Watch me destroy the industry. DESTROY it I say!)