Kool-Aid is Back - Long Live Kool-Aid!

So indeed my trusty sidekick checked out of AppleCare yesterday and appears to have a clean bill of health. I've been able to install and patch a few things that weren't working right - including the much maligned MSOffice patch that was the first thing I noticed wasn't working right. Pic_A_Day should resume shortly now that I have Photoshop back.

In more comedy FedEx delivered the promised external drive that Apple sent me yesterday. (sigh) So now I have the 300 Gig drive I bought, and a 160 Gig drive they sent me. So we're awash in external storage here at Casa De Sanders.

I installed Virtual PC last night - it took a while and I'm not sure what my impression is yet. Kool-Aid locked up once this morning while I was running VPC in the background (I was letting MTGO download images). I don't know that was VPC's fault but it's my guess. And VPC itself got SCREWED by it - the virtual FAT drive got borked. I'm installing iWork now.