PSP Mania

So let's compare notes about PSP launch titles shall we? (Yeah this will go good - everyone who cares is wrapped up in GDC this week. I've gone to every GDC since 1997 - deciding to sit out 2005 still makes sense, but is still sort of a sad moment. Off topic . . . .)

Here's the "official" launch list. If anybody thinks I have something on the wrong list, comment!

Games that I will definitely buy:

  1. Twisted Metal: Head-On - Oh yeah, now we're talking. Internet play Twisted Metal? I don't think PSP supports voice, but I can easily see organizing a TM online game night and getting friends into an Xbox Live chat room :-) Hmm - if I'm going to do that I better work out Xbox networking into the family room so that I don't take up the big TV just to play PSP . . . .

  2. Wipeout Pure - It looks gorgeous, and I've always liked Wipeout. I know some local people who want to get Wipeout so I'm in.

  3. Untold Legends - Oh good, 3D spiders can now be rendered at something close to scale and really close to my hands. Yay. But it looks pretty, and is the Diablo clone with LAN multiplayer. What's not to like? (Memo to game developers - find some new menacing creatures once in a while. Sharks maybe.)

  4. Lumines - Gamespot just posted a glowing review and this looks pretty sharp. Plus it's always good to pick up one puzzle game for Karin ;-)

  5. Ridge Racer - The import version got good reviews, and it looks really pretty. Add in (LAN) multiplayer, and I'm sold.

Games I'm on the fence about:

  1. Ape Escape: On the Loose - This would probably make the cut in a weaker launch list. I liked Ape Escape quite a bit back in the day. But it was built around the Dual Shock, and would lose some charm without one (shades of Super Mario DS). With so many games to go around on Day One this misses the "must-have" cut.

  2. Archer Maclean’s Mercury - This almost makes the cut again. If it was a DS game, I'd have bought it :-) On the PSP I'll wait to see some reviews on it.

  3. ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin’ Trails - Online (true internet online) almost pushes this over the top. Basically one or two PSP-enabled friends having this would push me over the line.

  4. Gretzky NHL - I'm tempted to buy this just so I can make Tony buy it. :-) I'll probably wait on the reviews - especially to find out just how well internet works. Since the only people I would play with this are east coasters it would be all about the internet.

  5. Smart Bomb - Not very much is known about this. It looks potentially interesting, but I'm worried that it's just Eidos slapping together something to throw out there for launch. A solid review would push this up the list pretty easily.

Games that aren't that interesting to me:

  1. Metal Gear Acid - OK this could move up. MGS for Playstation was brilliant. And the ship portion of MGS2 rocked an insane amount. Too bad they stuck the stupid second half of the game on. And everything I've seen about MGS3 indicates it was more of the same - too much movies and a really silly/incomprehensible plotline. Card battles is interesting, and I actually like the GBA game.

  2. NFL Street 2 Unleashed - No internet play and no west coast sports fans. (sigh)

  3. THUG 2 Remix - Tempting - I didn't actually own THUG (Weezie had it while he was moving up here so I had access to it for a few days.) Tony Hawk caters to a hardcore audience that isn't me. I'm enough of a completist to want to be able to achieve all of the goals, but not dedicated enough to practice a line of tricks endlessly to get it right.

  4. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 - See NFL Street

  5. FIFA Soccer 2005
    World Tour Soccer - FIFA was enjoyable in the PS1 days. Nobody local plays sports games, and it doesn't support internet, so probably no joy here.

  6. NBA
    NBA Street Showdown - Another case where if somebody said "buy this and I'd play you" I probably would. But basketball isn't that interesting to me.

  7. Rengoku: Tower of Purgatory - Diablo clones need multiplayer, and I don't think this has it. Buh-bye!

  8. Spider-Man 2 - Played this out on Xbox. A solid game, but I don't need it again.

  9. Dynasty Warriors - Dynasty Warriors has never held my attention for more than 10 minutes or so - just too repetitive.

  10. Darkstalkers Chronicle:The Chaos Tower - Capcom's 2d fighters have just never drawn me in.

  11. MLB
    MVP Baseball 2005 - Baseball just never has interested me.

  12. Need for Speed Underground Rivals - I wasn't a huge fan of the first Underground. Really slick, but no actual substance. With two race games on the must have list, and one on the "maybe" list NFS doesn't make it anymore.