Creative Commons

OK this is has been a good bit overdue - just needed for me to take the time to futz through it. Effective immediately this blog (and Pic_A_Day) are under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. I guess if somebody has some crazy issue about me licensing the comments that way let me know - but it's going to be a pain to license just the comments separately.

So what does that mean? I means that I'm retaining some copyrights (Some Rights Reserved) but explicitly saying people can post, edit, put on stage productions, whatever using material from the Sniping Post. The restrictions are that it has to attribute me as the material author, the derivative work much have a Creative Commons License, and it can't be a commercial endeavor. (If you've got some great money-making scheme using this dreck send me a separate email - we'll work something out.)

I can hear people now saying "What? You just complain about video games in this mess - who's going to want to use that?" and that's fair enough. The more serious angle is it that it clarifies the copyrights when and if I post fiction here.