And now I have a headache. Thanks Terminator!

Have any of you actually ever read that pamphlet of voter information they send out discussing the propositions? I seriously considered voting against whichever side used all-caps but I couldn't stomach that in a few cases. And my original phrasing was "used all-caps or excessive italics" but several propositions have italics fans on both sides. (sigh) Just reading through that thing gave me a headache. And I will say that I don't see a single one of these propositions that justified a special election. None of this couldn't have waited until next year, except the fact that Arnold has ridden to power on calling special elections. I'd love to see an analysis of what the whole slate actually saves over one year, versus the cost of running this election. And that's not even considering the aggravation level of being bombarded with crap for months (Hey CTA? We know your stance, duh. I swear you really strengthened my opinion on 75 by sending us junk mail every freakin' day for weeks on end.  We get it, you want to keep spending on campaigns. I'm voting for it just to make sure you have a smaller budget for mailing me crap next year!)

Anyway, now I'm informed. I guess. Hooray.

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