Broadcast Flag Notes

So the EFF has found the sweet spot of political advocacy for me. They tend to have the same concerns I do on many issues, and they've figured out how to alert me when I need to comment and to reduce the effort to a point where I actually do. What happens is this - on three separate occasions now they've sent me an email alerting me to some attempt to sneak the broadcast flag provisions into some non-related bill or another. In these cases they've identified that one my Senators or Representatives is on a relevant committee and asked me to send them a letter. They then provide a web page with a suggested form letter that I can edit and fax to them. I've sent three this year - two to Senator Barbara Boxer, and one to Representative Zoe Lofgren last week. The first message to Sen. Boxer was early this year, the second was in early October

Sen. Boxer eventually replied to the first one (months later, after the issue had resolved) with a form letter telling me of her support for the broadcast flag. It was obvious that my initial letter had no impact whatsoever in her reply - just a total form letter. As yet I have received no response to my October 5 letter, over a month later. I'm not terribly surprised by Sen. Boxer's support - her third largest industry supporter is TV/Movies/Music[].

In contrast Rep. Lofgren replied within a week, with a letter that was obviously still form, but at least somebody edited it slightly to refer to the reason I sent my original missive. I know how she stands on the broadcast flag and more importantly I know that she has somebody in her organization that looked at the input her constituent (me) sent her.

Wanna guess who is more likely to get my vote next time? I sincerely hope somebody in 2010 runs against Boxer that doesn't come up with even more vile positions to take, because I don't like her stance, and I don't like how she responds to her own voters.

(Speaking of voting I've got to go read up on a kazillion squirrely propositions today. Sometimes being a Californian is a real pain in the rear.)

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