GBA Notes

I finished the GBA version of the The Sims yesterday. It's odd enough that a Sims game has an ending, but it's a pretty crazy one. Nontheless - I quite liked the GBA version. In many ways it's a better console game than the two "bigger" versions for PS2 et al. The good news is most of the enhancements seems to be folded into the Urbz, due out this fall.

I also picked up Mario vs. Donkey Kong and I've played the first two worlds. I like it - it's old school gameplay, but creative fun. And it's not stupidly, punishingly hard (which is a trait that often goes along with the phrase "old school" in video games).

I try not to talk too much about politics here - I just don't think blogs are a great forum for those sorts of discussion. However, I'd be greatly remiss if I didn't point you at the text of Gore's speech yesterday. Powerful stuff, and well worth reading regardless of your political leanings. This link is to, but they didn't add anything other than a few odd paragraphs in bold. I read it on, but you have to watch an ad to see it there.

I do have to agree to a comment I saw on another blog that said "Where was this passion in 2000?"