Ok, now this is completely out of hand

A smartass would point out that the very last post is A) over two weeks old and B) contains a promise to update more often. And unfortunately for me, I'm a smartass. Suckage. In my defense, it's been a very busy two weeks.

So a quick outline. Two weeks ago today, Lee and I drove down to LA for E3. There was three days of E3, followed by 4 days of the "Big Honking Road Trip 2K4" where I tooled around California with a couple of my buddies from Virginia and went to Hooters. THEN, on the last day of that I picked up my new HD TiVo. THEN I broke my television while trying to fix some settings that were blocking using the HD TiVo. Then I had to repair that somewhat, arrange for a professional calibrator to fix the rest, and stay home while he did that. Woot. Then this weekend was the Prerelease tournament for the newest Magic set (Fifth Dawn), and my friend Tony bought an Xbox so I got another free 2 month Xbox Live account and bought Project Gotham Racing 2 to race against him. Oh and during E3 my server machines barfed, so I couldn't update the web page or even get email during E3 or BHRT2K4.

Whew. I think that's it in the super short form. Some of these topics obviously merit more discussion.

Most obvious point: Enterprise in HD is AMAZING. I thought HD hockey was good, but Enterprise is just totally insane. Any TV retailer worth their salt needs a TiVo with some of the last eps on it.

Does anybody in my readership actually give a rats-ass about Magic? I could discuss Fifth Dawn more, but I don't think anyone cares. If you do, comment below . . . .

Lastly, my current Live Gamertag is ChromaticGnu. The problem with using the 2 free month cards is that they never release the GamerTags I use - so all the variants of HiddenJester are blocked up now. Anyway, if any of you have a Live account send me a friend req. And if you have PGR2 let me know, Tony and I would like to have more than 2 people in our races :-)