HiddenJester Wins the Pennant! Hiddenjester Wins the Pennant!

Wednesday was the first time I had played Magic Online in a month or so. We've been playing at work - so I've been getting my fix via physical play and MTGO has been fubared all over the map with the new set release.

Anyway, I won a draft. As in "took the good medal - got the packs and crushed the opposition" won. I often win the first round in a draft and winning the second isn't unheard of - but this was the first time I went the distance. Go me!

Ninja Gaiden is out of the pool. It's too hard, and I don't have the gaming time to fuck around with that kind of nonsense anymore. That's two strikes against Tecmo - enough to spend the goodwill Dead Or Alive 2 and 3 generated for me. I'd be totally in DOA Online - except for the need to spring for Live as well. Of course, I might decide I want Pandora Tomorrow on Live - so if I spring for the cost then maybe I'd feel better about DOA.

I picked up Lifeline this week - the voice activated game from Konami. It's got some interesting tricks, but the voice recognition is flawed enough to be frustrating. And the designers inexplicably made "guess the noun we used for this" part of the game - which has a nasty synergy with dodgy recognition. The voice stuff definitely makes for an interesting intersection with survival horror. The best parts so far have been the horror movie moments with interaction. The heroine actually responds to yelling "Don't go in the door!" at the screen. :-) The jury is still out on this one - maybe I'll decide this weekend.