Mea Culpa

OK, so it's been a while since I posted. Several things have conspired.

1) GDC was last week and took up a bunch of time & energy.

2) I've been playing a fairly high amount of Final Fantasy XI. I blame Chuji.

3) I've got some allergy thing - for the last week or so I've been nursing this sinus headache. That means I've had several nights this week where I've just vegetated in front of the TV as opposed to doing anything socially constructive.

GDC was the same as always really - seems like it's getting smaller, but I still went to a couple of really good talks. I also took the opportunity to try out the Palm Reader ebook software - read Neal Stephenson's In the Beginning, There Was the Command Line and Cory Doctorow's Eastern Standard Tribe Both good reads, and it was neat to have good reading in places/times I normally wouldn't.

Lastly: a quick web link. This essay is an awesome explanation of the cardinal sin for a programming lead. I've said similar concepts before - but Vince says it more eloquently and cleanly than I've ever managed. Good stuff to read.