Look Here Fantasy Game Developers

Champions of Norrath's time to first Giant Spider: 4-5 hours (my 3rd play session. And oh goody - it's an entire level full of the damn things.

Hey if all the game designers could get together and publish of a list of their phobias, I'll see if I can work them into every game I ever work on as well. Then we'd be even.

Hopefully there will be an even more disturbing giant spider boss. Gosh, that will be SWELL!

Other amusing note - I popped online to make sure I didn't need to futz with the firewall and also to see if you could import a single player character (you can). It gave me five suggested games - one was called "headsets only" and the description was "only use headsets. Don't be a fag." The next game on the list was hosted by the delightful username of AHornyGirl. Tip there for you, even if you WERE a girl - you'll find no one to help you out on a Friday night in an online Everquest spinoff. I'd imagine the Horny part is truth in advertising, so at least they are half right!