Spring is Sneaking In!

(Sorry about the relative lack of posts lately. There was the whole issue with the new computer desk and then I bought three new games this week (Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, Champions of Norrath, and Culdcept) - so it's been a busy week. More on many of those topics soon.)

This week has been positively springlike for the Bay Area. I've had the sunroof open on my car several times this week, I switched back to short sleeved shirts, and there's sunlight on BOTH ends of my commute these days. In a related note the pedestrian footbridge to downtown Palo Alto reopened this week. It had been closed since September - but it's again possible to take a post-lunch stroll downtown and hit the Starbucks. Very nice.

Anyway, this morning I was taking out the trash and caught those few moments when the clouds are all orangy-pinkish. I had my Treo with me, so I snapped a couple of quick pics.