Service Interruption?

Hey folks.

I'm hip-deep in ridding myself of this troublesome web server at the moment. I haven't actually decided where the blog will go and whether the archives will actually be online at the end of everything.

But I'm planning on making that decision today. I may even pull the trigger on some DNS fun and games soonish and that could mean this here site might disappear. Here's a few notes:

1 ) I'll have a blog somewhere in some format when this is done.

2 ) That somewhere may not be the current URL. It's possible I'll put the blog at the top www domain and remove the vestigial "reserved for development" page. That's not terribly likely because it would restrict my future web development paths. What's more likely is that the blog will end up being a page something like and would remain a simple static page that I could tweak as needed.

At any rate here's the key bit to know: if this site goes away for a few days do not panic. If you visit mainly by RSS feeds or a bookmark be sure to set a bookmark at That will be where I post the newest location of the blog.