Oh Hai February!

There's no way we're already one month into 2010. That's just crazy talk. Part of the reason why everything seemed to go so fast was that SF Sketchfest this year had a crazy-good lineup. Toss in a couple of good concerts and I've been to six different shows in San Francisco already in 2010 (and I'm heading back for trip #7: MC Frontalot next week). I haven't done the math but I'm sure my average for trips to the city is less than one a month so six in less than three weeks is a bit of a personal record. (Well. Five trips. One day we saw Weird Al at 2 PM and then Jonathan Coulton with Paul & Storm that night, so that was two shows in one trip.)

So yeah. February? WTF 2010? Is this how we're going to play it? Look I have a PS3, and it has fast-forward of 120x, so don't thing you can faze me with your fly-by Januaries.