Kindle Freeze Tip

Yesterday I was reading my Kindle while I ate lunch because that's how I roll. I'll pause for you to wrap your consciousness around the edginess of my lifestyle. Anyways after I finished I pushed the buttons to put it to sleep (you press Alt and the Font Size buttons simultaneously) and put it back in the little folio case. As I did so I noticed it was being slow to update the screen but I didn't worry about it. I just figured it was downloading something or talking to the mothership or plotting my demise or whatever Kindles do when you're not looking.

Until lunchtime today when I pulled the Kindle out to find it still had the same page displayed. Now this is bad because even if I hadn't put it to sleep it should do so automatically after a timeout. Sure enough it was frozen up. I could still see a page and the battery indicator was about 90% full but no buttons did anything and the little silver "zipper" on the right wasn't present. No worries, I popped the battery cover off, scrounged up a paperclip and then pushed the little reset button. No response. Uh oh. I finally gave up and read a real book while I ate lunch and then I called Kindle support.

Turns out that if your Kindle freezes it can burn a lot of power and you can get in a place where the battery is dead, but the screen still shows a full battery indicator (since the screen doesn't require power to maintain, only to update). When that happens it won't reset until you plug it in. As soon as it has AC power it reboots normally.

So give that a try before you call the customer support people.